Hiss and Hers

Week Three: Beauty Shots With Snake

Hands down the best shoot of the cycle. Everything works – the setting, the styling, the make-up, the modelling… even the bad ones aren’t that awful this week, just mediocre. So without further ado, photo of the weeks goes to:

1) Elyse

UPDATE: ANTM’s Facebook page just uploaded a large version of this, which I had to throw in here. Score!

One of the best photos. In. The. History. Of. America’s. Next. Top. Model. What can you say really? It’s just perfection. She’s so unfazed by the snake that you might assume it was a scarf or a necklace at first glance. Her Twiggy-esque make-up looks great, as does her pixie cut. The asymmetry of her shoulders just add a je ne sais quoi factor that make the picture so much more amazing.

2) Shannon

Well look who finally stepped it up. So beautiful. Shannon has this amazing fire and intensity in her eyes here that works wonders for this shoot. Again, completely unfazed by the snake – you barely even notice it there, she’s so confident looking. I love her hair, I love the gold foil thing, I love her snarl. Great photo.

3) Adrianne

Yay, I got a large version of this one!

Adrianne’s bringing her A-game again, looking hot as hell and crazy confident. I love her Hamburgler mask (love Adrianne for that reference – it’s totally not the mask of Zorro…), it makes her eyes look even more fierce. And the snake looks awesome – in Elyse’s and Shannon’s it kinda blends in, but here it grabs your attention right away.

4) Giselle

First of all, I don’t like that gold splatter thing going on here at all. It kinda looks like she has acne/freckles like Cycle 16’s Dominique (who’s look I just didn’t get). That said though, I think Giselle is pushing through that ugliness to give us something still quite beautiful. If you can picture it without the gold everywhere, it’s a very strong effort from Giselle. Her eyes are piercing the camera, and I love how it almost looks like she’s channelling the snake – both of their heads are angled the same way.

5) Robin

I must say that this really isn’t all that bad. Robin does look kinda pretty, although she definitely looks her 26 years. I do like the styling – the makeup and the snake look great together, and her makeover was a vast improvement (where she got “a hair colour from H-E-double-hockey-sticks” and “I look like an albino prostitute” from, I’ll never know… but then again I’m not really familiar with prostitute trends…). Her eyes are dead though – compare to the four above her, and there’s no life at all in this picture.

6) Nicole (eliminated)

Nicole’s performance prompted Tyra to impart the immortal words “smile with your eyes” for the very first time on the show. And even with Tyra barking that at her, the final result still displays dead eyes. Clearly her elimination was a result of disobedience. But also, she’s pulling her bitchface, her mouth is crazy tense, and her eyebrows look insane. Not good.

7) Kesse

Oh, Kesse. I love how the prettiest girl in the competition can’t even do a beauty shot right… even the great styling isn’t enough to overcome Kesse’s flaws as a model – seriously, the Twiggy eyelashes, the pink makeup, the white backdrop, the snake’s pattern, they all look great. But Kesse just looks confused about what’s going on. Her eyes are completely uncertain.

8) Ebony

Here he have the worst styling of the photoshoot. The black makeup does Ebony’s rough skin no favours at all. But Ebony doesn’t even look like she’s trying. She looks tired and bored. Blah. Easily the worst photo of the shoot.



  1. Adrianne (2.33) 2/2/3
  2. Elyse (2.67) 6/1/1
  3. Giselle (3.67) 1/6/4
  4. Katie (4.0) 3/5 – Eliminated Week 2
  5. Shannon (5.33) 10/4/2
  6. Nicole (5.67) 4/7/6 – Eliminated Week 3
  7. Ebony (6.0) – 7/3/8
  8. Robin (6.33) 5/9/5
  9. Kesse (7.67) 8/8/7
  10. Tessa (9.0) 9 – Eliminated Week 1

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  1. #1 by alltopmodelblog on May 17, 2012 - 2:55 am

    The title of the post is brilliant~

    1. Elyse
    2. Shannon
    3. Adrianne
    4. Robin
    5. Giselle
    6. Nicole
    7. Ebony
    8. Kesse

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