Color is Cheesey

Week Four: Fresh Look Contact Lenses Commercial

“Fresh Look: Beautiful Eyes!!!”

So, I downloaded the first 14 cycles of ANTM, and got so caught up in watching it (no really, I’ve almost finished Cycle 5 – that’s all I’ve been doing in my spare time) that I forgot all about the blog. But I’m back, with semi-regular updates!

Ugh, ANTM commercials are the worst. They’re just so damn hard to rank. The ones in the early cycles in particular, because they’re not individual spots, but one commercial where everyone gets three seconds of screen time. Some awesome person uploaded each girl’s performance for the week on YouTube, which I’ll link with my rankings so you can watch them.

1) Kesse

Finally we see Kesse’s beauty presented to us. It’s so sad that she’s just not that photogenic, when in motion she really is gorgeous. Her line delivery was perfect – relaxed, casual, just like you’d see in a real commercial. Kesse’s voice is great for stuff like this. She also moved really well.

2) Giselle

This isn’t a great shot of Giselle, but she really did look beautiful in the commercial. Her lines were great, she came across as personable. The judges can take their stupid comments about her self-confidence and shove it.

3) Robin

I really wanted shots of the girls with their names in the corner, so it’s a real pity that Robin’s looks so derpy, because she did look really pretty in the commercial. Her voice sounded great – she managed to tone down her accent, unlike someone else – and her delivery was pretty good too. This may be Robin’s best performance on the show.

4) Elyse

I love that the director said about Elyse’s performance that “nothing was forced” – I hope he watched the show to see Elyse complaining about how stupid the whole thing was. But Elyse is amazing, so she pulled through and faked her way through it, fooling the director into thinking she was into it. She did very well, just not as great as everyone else.

5) Shannon

Shannon’s line delivery was a little too forced, like she was over-enunciating each word. It sucks, I really like Shannon, but she really didn’t do all that well at the start of the competition. I love her raspy voice, but even that didn’t really help her here. Her eyes looked pretty crazy the whole time too. Overall, her performance really wasn’t too bad – not as good as the four above her, but much better than the bottom two.

6) Adrianne

Adrianne looked breathtakingly beautiful in the commercial, so it’s a real shame her voice is so grating. I don’t understand why they didn’t give her a different line that she could say properly though…

7) Ebony (Eliminated)

Oh, Ebony. You looked so pretty here! Why couldn’t we see that in a photo? Her commercial was terrible though, it was a pretty justifiable elimination. That skip thing she did was all wrong, and her read was pretty flat.



  1. Elyse (3.00) – 6/1/1/4
  2. Adrianne (3.25) – 2/2/3/6
  3. Giselle (3.25) – 1/6/4/2
  4. Katie (4.00) – 3/5 – Eliminated Week 2
  5. Shannon (5.25) – 10/4/2/5
  6. Robin (5.50) – 5/9/5/3
  7. Nicole (5.67) – 4/7/6 – Eliminated Week 3
  8. Kesse (6.00) – 8/8/7/1
  9. Ebony (6.25) – 7/3/8/7 – Eliminated Week 4
  10. Tessa (9.00) – 9 – Eliminated Week 1


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