Beautiful Girls

Week Seven, Part 1: Black and White Beauty Shots

These photos weren’t actually judged on the show, but everyone else seems to rank them, so why not. Tyra took these photos, so I’m placing all the blame on her for the worst photo, because the photography sucks. But let’s start with the best:

1) Adrianne

Adrianne’s face is just perfect. Look at that profile. She’s so beautiful.  I guess it’s worth noting that this is Adrianne’s first first call-out from me, and it’s really well deserved. They showed a different version in the finale when they announced her as the winner (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!1), which I like more, but this is still amazing.

Adrianne 2.0 – from the finale

2) Shannon

Yay for Shannon finally delivering something worthy of a runner-up! Seriously, she’s been pretty middle-of-the-pack or worse every week, apart from her stunning snake photo. And this is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning profile. I love what she did with her arms, it makes the photo more unique than the others.

3) Robin (eliminated)

Who knew old-as-dirt Robin could look so young and fresh in a photo? This is wonderful. It sucks to bottom two it, but Adrianne and Shannon are both doing ever-so-slightly better – I guess they’re just more modelesque. But really, wow. If only Robin looked this good every week, it might have made up for her out-staying her welcome for weeks.

4) Elyse

Like I said, it’s not that Elyse is doing poorly, it’s the shitty photography that makes this the worst photo of the bunch. Her face doesn’t appear to have any bone structure here, But it’s not ugly at all – I don’t think Elyse could look ugly if she tried. Just a lot more bland than everyone else. Tyra, you got some ‘splaining to do.



  1. Elyse (2.57) – 6/1/1/4/1/1/4
  2. Adrianne (2.86) – 2/2/3/6/3/3/1
  3. Giselle (3.00) – 1/6/4/2/2 – Eliminated Week 5
  4. Katie (4.00) – 3/5 – Eliminated Week 2
  5. Shannon (4.14) – 10/4/2/5/4/2/2
  6. Robin (4.86) – 5/9/5/3/5/4/3
  7. Nicole (5.67) – 4/7/6 – Eliminated Week 3
  8. Kesse (5.83) – 8/8/7/1/6/5 – Eliminated Week 6
  9. Ebony (6.25) – 7/3/8/7 – Eliminated Week 4
  10. Tessa (9.00) – 9 – Eliminated Week 1


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