Midday In Paris

Week Six: Wonderbra Ad in Paris with Brad Pinkert

Worst shoot of the Cycle, period. This should have been really good, but somehow it all went awry. No one’s doing well, you can barely see the lingerie in most of the photos, and the photography is terribly amateur. Where are Nigel Barker and Mike Rosenthal when you need them?

1) Elyse

It’s almost sad that this is the best photo of the week, because this really isn’t that good at all. The poses are awkward and unprepared, as if this was just a candid test shot to check the lighting or something. There’s nothing going on in this photo, it’s just two people standing there. However, it works the best as a lingerie ad, because you can actually see it (hideous though it may be). And Elyse is just so modelesque that she can stand there doing nothing and still look amazing. But still, terrible photo.

2) Shannon

Oh, God, this shoot. I don’t even know what to say. You can’t see the lingerie at all here, aside from the belt part (is that what you’d call it?) of her thong. This is a terrible photo, but it gets second place because I like the dynamic between Shannon and Brad. I liked that the show got him especially for Shannon, and that we get to see a more playful side to her here. Also, this is the only shot where we can see his abs and his crotch… damn.

3) Adrianne

This is like a sexier version of Shannon’s photo. I don’t want to come across like a slut-shamer, but it really doesn’t work as well as Shannon’s because of it. Again, we can’t see the lingerie at all. But at least Adrianne looks hot, unlike…

4) Robin

BACK FAT, BACK FAT, BACK FAT. God, could they not have spared us from that ghastliness with a few minutes of Photoshop. For me, that really destroys everything good about the photo: she has a great profile, wonderful neck extension, and she’s showing the bra nicely. But that back fat, ugh. She also looks super pissed, which is no good for an ad campaign.

5) Kesse (eliminated)

There are no redeeming features of this photo. At least I could find some nice things to say about Robin’s, but Kesse’s? Nope. No neck. Stiff body. Awkward positioning and composition. Zero chemistry between the models. We can see right up both of their noses. His hand looks gigantic. We can’t even see the tower properly here. Ugh, just awful.



  1. Elyse (2.33) – 6/1/1/4/1/1
  2. Giselle (3.00) – 1/6/4/2/2 – Eliminated Week 5
  3. Adrianne (3.17) – 2/2/3/6/3/3
  4. Katie (4.00) – 3/5 – Eliminated Week 2
  5. Shannon (4.50) – 10/4/2/5/4/2
  6. Robin (5.17) – 5/9/5/3/5/4
  7. Nicole (5.67) – 4/7/6 – Eliminated Week 3
  8. Kesse (5.83) – 8/8/7/1/6/5 – Eliminated Week 6
  9. Ebony (6.25) – 7/3/8/7 – Eliminated Week 4
  10. Tessa (9.00) – 9 – Eliminated Week 1


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